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Pre-Employment Vetting

Potential employees may portray themselves different than what actually is in their past, this is why background checking is such a vital part of the placement process. We provide the tools to help you screen your candidates, verifying CV content, checking credit records, qualifications, driver’s licenses and, criminal records. Our team of verifiers also does previous employment verification and character references, among other checks.


Polygraph Examinations

A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices in order to assess the truth and detect lies. Studies show that polygraph testing can discriminate lying from truth telling at rates above chance and the latest studies confirms an accuracy of 98%. All API Polygraph examiners are licensed regulated by the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA) as well as the South African Truth Verification Council (SATVC).


The API offers training for forensic investigative professionals and law enforcement professionals. Course topics range from Forensic Interviewing and Scientific Content Analysis to Polygraph and Micro-Expression training. The API is dedicated to the continual advancement of forensic science and innovation utilizing the latest technical developments in conjunction with the principles of forensic science. Our courses are presented at the University of Pretoria (CE@UP). Should you require a tailor-made in-house course, please let us know.

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Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)

SCAN a.k.a Statement Analysis, is not a theory; it is a powerful technique for detecting deception and obtaining information by making a series of observations. It has been proved to be a scientifically based method which produces consistent results. It is therefore an aid that can be used to obtain a confession; it is not an end in itself.

Criminal Record Checks

API provides a straightforward and speedy screening service that complements informed decision-making as part of our pre-employment vetting program. Quickly confirm criminal history with an ID based criminal record check. You can obtain the criminal records of potential hires, caregivers & more. We ensure a maximum wait time of only 72 hours.

Forensic Assessment Interview Technique (FAINT)

Forensic Assessment Interview Technique (FAINT), is an interview to assess the truth about a suspicion followed by an official report and a great tool used in early stages of an investigation to eliminate suspects from the pool and narrow down the investigation. This saves resources and time.

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What our clients say

Anton & Anne-mari set the benchmark when it comes to Forensic interviews, Polygraphs and Lie detection! Their dedication to their profession are remarkable and without question they set the standards for the industry.
They are an asset to the security industry and their willingness to impart their skills and knowledge will forever change you, their subject knowledge will Inspire you!

Stoney Steenkamp RAXICOR (PTY) Ltd

Anne-mari has done work for the Polygraph Academy as an associate facilitator presenting the subject Interviewing and Questioning Techniques. The subject includes verbal and non verbal ques, micro and macro expressions, statement analysis and Forensic Assessment Interview. She is an expert in her field. The Polygraph Academy sets very high standards in order to equip it’s students to produce a service of international standard. To maintain this standard it is very important to ensure that facilitators are not only well versed in theory but are also experienced in practical field work. This is why we as the Polygraph Academy decided to make use of Anne-mari to form part of our group of facilitators. It is a privilege to be associated with her. We can with confidence recommend her services as a Forensic Interviewer and Polygraph Expert.

Polygraph Academy Director The Polygraph Academy

 Anne-Mari is an exceptionally bright and diligent Forensic Psychophysiologist who combines good training, experience and a natural talent for the art of the craft.

Bill taught Anne-mari at The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training

Bill Fleisher

Anne-Mari is a very level headed individual. She is very dedicated to her work and professional in all aspects of the work she does. I can recommend her with confidence. It is a honour to be associated with her.


Trevor Henn

Anne-mari has provided our investigations department at SCS with superb services as a polygraph examiner. I think very highly of her abilities and professionalism. She is one of those rare individuals who combines exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills with solid ethical values. She is a gifted investigative polygraph examiner who pursues cases with great enthusiasm.

Michael Smit

Annemari is an expert in her field and the quality of her work is great!

Johan was Anne-mari’s client

Johan Kloppers Forensic Consultant

I would highly recommend Anne-mari she provided us with prompt and professional service. Anne-mari exceeded our expectations and was great to deal with.

Katherine was Anne-mari’s client at Precision Polygraph in New Zealand

Katherine Irwin

Anne-mari is an excellent Forensic Psychophysiologist (polygraph examiner) who continually strives to update her professional skills, and someone I would highly recommend.

September 17, 2013, Nate mentored Anne-mari at Precision Polygraph Ltd, New Zealand


Nate Gordon President of the International Society of Polygraph Examiners & Past President of APA


Polygraph & Investigative Data Base

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What is it? Fast Facts

Africa Polygraph Institute’s (API) Polygraph Branch of Africa uses the Zep Data Polygraph System to track all polygraph examinations that it administers for specific clients. This database contains information on applicant and criminal polygraph examinations and their results.

  • ZepData is a shared system that can be accessed only by delegated departments and managers as well as investigators for each specific client.
  • ZepData supports investigation fields to provide forensic and investigative support in any investigation where investigative reports can be uploaded and cross referenced.
  • Companies and their investigators use the ZepData to search, track, and monitor their investigative program’s productivity.
  • ZepData will maintain polygraph reports and outcomes, background screenings, ITC records and/or criminal history with prior consent from the employee.

Quality control (QC) personnel assigned to:

administer Quality Control on all Inconclusive Results
Operations Section verifies each polygraph result where significant reactions where displayed
double check non-deceptive polygraphs
supply customers with an immediate second opinion, free of charge





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