About Us


API comprises of three professional divisions that consists of individuals that specialize in various disciplines relevant to that forensic field. Our Communication leg of the company was founded in 2015 and is based in South Africa. Our Forensics division has been trading since 2012 and our Polygraph Division since 2009.

Our expertise includes risk management professionals, information technology experts, investigators, training executives, lecturers and polygraph examiners. We are proud of the company’s empowerment status and committed to the advancement of groups previously disadvantaged by unfair practices. Our aim is therefore to implement and maintain precision in every aspect of service provided with a dynamic approach.

We approach all assignments in a balanced manner which covers the pro-active and re-active steps to be taken and implemented in the private and public sector.

At API, it is every employee’s responsibility to maintain above average standards in both their profession as well as client relations. We are focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, enhance honesty and set the standards in the industry.

Our services available include:

  • - Risk Management Services
  • - Forensic Investigations
  • - Forensic Interview Services
  • - Commercial Crime Investigations
  • - Polygraph Examinations
  • - Pre-Employment Screening and Vetting of Employees
  • - Employee Integrity Assessments
  • - Criminal Record Verification
  • - Training
  • - Workshops
  • - Client Specific Databases
  • - Digital Forensics

We measures the value of our services by the success clients have achieved through them.