Polygraph Database - ZepData


The African Polygraph Institute’s (API) Polygraph Branch of Africa uses the Zep Data Polygraph System to track all polygraph examinations that it administers for specific clients. This database contains information on applicant and criminal polygraph examinations and their results.

API conducts Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) on a regular base, because this system contains personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals who undergo an exam. Overview ThZepata png logo1e Zep Data Polygraph System is a shared system that can be accessed only by delegated departments and managers as well as investigators for each specific client.

Quality control (QC) personnel assigned to the Operations Section verifies each polygraph result where significant reactions where displayed and a further 25% of non-deceptive polygraphs administered, supplying customers with an immediate second opinion, free of charge.

The Zep Data Polygraph System further supports investigation fields to provide forensic and investigative support in any investigation where investigative reports can be uploaded and cross referenced between employees.

Zep Data Polygraph System serves as a method to quickly determine whether an individual has been administered a polygraph by API and if so, shows the outcome of the exam. The Zep Data Polygraph System was designed to maintain an unlimited amount of information in order to expedite access to outcomes, dates of exams, and pertinent data pertaining to an individual polygraph without having to manually search files in archives. Case files, including questions answered and responses provided, are maintained in paper form in a vault separate from this system.

A typical transaction is an applicant for employment at API voluntarily submits to a polygraph examination. Information is collected directly from the examinee at this time. The information provided in response to the questions is input into Zep Data Polygraph System by the polygraph examiner.

Information that is input into the system can then be reviewed, searched, and updated only by QC examiners and allocated company representatives. A QC examiner and allocated company representatives have the capability to search the system by entering a simple search (name, date of birth, and/or identification number) or an advanced search (last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, sex, race, and/or ID number). The user may also limit their search to those records containing partial data they have available and can modify the search with Zep Logic.

This system will maintain background screenings, ITC records and/or criminal history with prior consent from the examinee/employee.

Companies and their investigators use the Zep Data Polygraph System to search, track, and monitor their investigative program’s productivity pursuant to that company’s specific authorizing country legislation and the rules and regulations applicable to their law.

In all instances the individual has consented to the use of the polygraph. A Statement of Consent is presented to the examinee and must be voluntarily executed. At any time during the polygraph, the examinee may opt to terminate the examination. API interprets its authority to allow it to polygraph anyone who consents.