Pre-Employment Vetting

Potential Employee Screening

Potential employees may portray themselves different than what actually is in their past, this is why background checking is such a vital part of the placement process. Employers should carry out pre-employment checks prior to making an offer of employment to an individual. Many employers will be concerned about criminal convictions and/or ongoing involvement in illegal activities. Over 11% of job applicants have a criminal record. Fingerprints have been the most reliable and the only legal method of doing criminal checks on job applicants in South Africa. Indeed, in some industries it is a requirement that employers run checks to ensure that new hires do not have any criminal convictions. Equally important are concerns about unsubstantiated or indeed false claims of experience on CV's/Resume's and unexplained gaps in employment history. With the rise of social media, many applicants will have a significant online profile. It is tempting to use this in order to confirm what applicants have put on their CV. We provide the tools to help you screen your candidates, verifying CV content, checking credit records, qualifications, driver’s licenses and, criminal records. Our team of independent monitoring service consultants also does previous employment verification and character references, among other checks.