Statement Analysis

Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)

SCIENTIFIC CONTENT ANALYSIS (SCAN), also known as FORENSIC LANGUAGE SCREENING or STATEMENT ANALYSIS, is an investigative technique used by police, professional interrogators and forensic psychologists to determine the truthfulness of a written or verbal statement. SCAN analyst is able to dissect a statement and determine whether the author of the communication is telling “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. SCAN follows a two-step process. A truthful statement contains specific features, referred to as the norm. We then look for any deviation from this norm.Truthful statements differ from fabricated ones in both content and quality. SCAN is not a theory; it is a powerful technique for detecting deception and obtaining information by making a series of observations. It has been proved to be a scientifically based method which produces consistent results. It is therefore an aid that can be used to obtain a confession; it is not an end in itself. Therefore, whenever possible, API obtain and analyses statements before interviewing suspects.